PixelTek ....On the GO i3 SME Cloud ERP

ReBrand Your Company with Cloud i3 SME ERP Solutions

  • Increase your business insight and simplify operations with monthly subscription-based OpEx Model.
  • Eliminate need for experienced IT staff and minimize IT overhead expenses. 
  • Reduce IT Software CAPEX investment with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over on-premises model.
  • Online Cloud ERP, has a great benefit on cost vs rapid time of implementation. 
  • Any time, Anywhere, 360 view of your business, enables rapid response to new opportunities to increase the bottom line. 


PixelTek ....On GO i3 SME ERP targets the six critical operational areas, central to any Industry.

Benefits of PixelTek ...On the GO i3 SME ERP

Rapid Implementation


i3 SME ERP can be deployed in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years. This expedited implementation significantly reduces your time to effectiveness and profitable operations. 

Scalable Solution


i3 SME ERP future proofs your business with a modular open architecture that can grow as your grow. Add and scale modules as and when needed rapidly as you grow. 

User-friendly Process


i3 SME ERP is user-friendly to adapt to your existing business process, to automates and streamlines the processes more efficiently, so your business runs faster and makes it more profitably. 

Support & Maintenance


i3 SME ERP keeps you on the latest version through seamless cloud updates. You focus on the nuts and bolts of your business while we focus on the IT. 

Decisive Dashboard


Our best of breed ERP system help you make informed decisions with real-time business insights through seamless integration with our ...On GO i3 SME ERP Cloud Solutions.